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One of the best things your business can do to help out customers is answer their queries on an immediate basis. With the ongoing option available between chatbots and live chat software, it’s hard to decide which one will work best for your business. To ease your pain and relieve you from any confusion, we’ve listed some of the ways that will help you decide which chat software is better for your website. Before that, let us know what chatbots and live chat software are.

What Exactly are Chatbots & Live Chat Software?

Chatbots were mainly invented to remove the limitations humans face daily. Prof. Björn Schuller, a…

There are many types of eCommerce AI chatbots available today that help with all different aspects of an eCommerce store. AI chatbots can boost sales and revenue by showing shoppers exactly the product they were looking for which was often hidden in complex menus, acting as a shopping assistant providing product recommendations, and aid customer support by immediately answering customer questions about a product, order status, and more.

An AI chatbot built for eCommerce is not that expensive and has a high rate of return. The average increase in revenues when a shopper engages with the chatbot is 20% to…

Technology appears to be evolving at an unprecedented rate. New technology is continually being provided with the promise of increasing the profitability of our enterprises and making our hectic lives easier to manage. The chatbot enters the picture, bringing a new dimension to online customer care and search engine optimization.

This post will discuss the SEO process and how chatbots can help search engines rank your website higher.

What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbots are conversational agents that use Artificial Intelligence to optimize communications between customers and businesses. Being AI-enabled, they can understand the requests made to them and respond accordingly on their own. …

A chatbot is becoming a must-have add-on for customer-facing websites and SaaS products. Their role is usually either a customer engagement tool designed to help generate leads or a cost-efficient alternative to human customer sales or technical support.


It’s fair to say not everyone is a fan of the chatbot trend. But it’s equally fair to say the technology is not going anywhere. Like the offshore call centres and tech support they often replace, which in turn replaced local in-house equivalents, the right chatbots make strong commercial sense for organizations.

There has also always been plenty of grumbling about offshore…

Advancements in technology have brought changes to various industries in many ways. One of the most effective technologies available is Artificial Intelligence which is extensively used these days. Among all available AI technologies, businesses are opting for chatbots to enhance customer service and user engagement.

Statistically, 50% of the brands are currently investing in chatbots compared to mobile apps. It is estimated that by 2021, 85% of the customer engagement activities would occur artificially. For your brand, you can use the integrated tool of Drupal 8 and Dialogflow to create custom chatbots. …

Analizamos cómo se puede utilizar el marketing conversacional en el proceso de desarrollo y gestión de focus groups en remoto.

El marketing conversacional es el proceso de cautivar a los usuarios que visitan tu página web y transformar a dichos potenciales clientes mediante procedimientos determinados a través de la conversación. Su objetivo es formar la construir la mejor relación con el cliente mediante el desarrollo de la confianza a través de las discusiones y la creación de la experiencia de compra personalizada de forma más dinámica y atractiva que cualquier otro método. Para conseguir este objetivo, los chatbots son la herramienta más confiable y popular utilizada a día de hoy.

El marketing con chatbots es una forma rápida de cautivar…

If you want your business to succeed, you will constantly need to swing along with the newest trends. On that note, chatbots are among the most famous marketing tools in the industry today, helping build good communication between business and their customers.

Chatbots are very useful if you’re looking to enhance your customer’s experience by solving their queries, decreasing human workload, remote troubleshooting, etc.

What Is A Chatbot?

Chatbots can be simply defined as marketing and automation tools that are designed to interact with people and perform human-like conversation to assist them. …

Conversational marketing is a process of enchanting online visitors and transforming the leads through conversation-determined proceedings. It aims to form the client’s best relationship by developing trust through the discussions and creating the shopping experience at ease more dynamically and engagingly than any other methods. Chatbots are the most reliable and popular tool used for the same.

Chatbot marketing is a quick way to shift purchasers via healthier, humanoid, and engaging conversations. …

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