My Research On SEO: Things You Probably Haven’t Noticed Earlier

In today’s world, SEO is way more popular than when I started my career. Businesses now understand its value more than ever. I remember that there was a time when some people didn’t even know about this concept; they were not even sure if this can even benefit their business.

However, today I see businesses around me investing more than 5 million dollars every month on SEO. And this will definitely grow higher in coming times.

I am writing my SEO research to share a few facts and things that I believe can help the marketing community plan their SEO strategies.

1. On-Page SEO is More Important Than Off-Page SEO

2. Right Keyword in Slug Matters More Than Keywords in Content

The best way can be, analyze slugs of top-ranking domains on targeted keywords, and plan yours as per your research.

3. Content-Length is Very Important

If you are writing on topics that can be broadened and divided into pieces and content can be written more on it, go for 3000+ content. Google counts quality and quantity both while ranking any content. A blog or webpage with unique, relevant, and informative content can be gold to your domain. You can work on keyword stuffing post content writing. Following the process, Content Writing →Keyword Stuffing →Internal Linking →Slug & Meta-Title Optimization results best.

4. Avoid Relying On Scores From Unofficial Tools For Monitoring Your Domains Growth

Many tools give some scores to domains, which are highly optimized. It would be best if you did not rely on such scores; since many high domain-score websites fail to rank on quite low KD keywords. The reason is that even after having a high domain score, their content is not unique, good, or competing.

Also, Google claims nothing about the credibility of those scores officially. This means, having a high domain score doesn’t or determine a domain ranking capability. The scores that they provide can help analyze and planning purposes. However, they aren’t the ones that can determine domain growth.

Another good use of such tools is acquiring their SERP API for monitoring domain ranking. Their SERP APIs or Keyword database are through Google API, which means their data is accurate and completely trustworthy.

5. Update Your Content Every Week


Updating content doesn’t mean just updating dates or adding a word or two. It means to add new content, depending on the new trends and updates. This definitely may sound tough. Still, it's quite an effective technique.

6. Don’t Rely On Just Single Keyword For Traffic

You should make sure that you rank on multiple keywords, including long-tail keywords. It ensures that change in ranking on one or two keywords won’t take away your business. I have seen businesses totally relying on one keyword for business, their ranks falling due to updates in the Google algorithm or such things. And unfortunately, they were helpless for a while to get back the flow of leads they had earlier.

The best practice to not get into such problems is: investing in maintaining the rank even after ranking number one.

7. Either Guest Post On Right Platforms Or Don’t Do It

I have seen marketers doing guest posts on platforms irrelevant to their domain. Although those domains' metrics may look quite interesting, relevancy is a more important thing. Ensure that you check everything about the platform before moving ahead with link building through a guest post on that domain.

It would be best to focus on the domain that doesn’t have adult, drug, and casino-related links. This can help save your domain’s backlink profile from irreparable damage.

8. Link From Other Websites < Product or SaaS Website

Web 2.0 websites or blogging content mill/farm website gets more traffic quite easier than other domains. The reason is that you may find very much content on those domains. Also, the audience profile is undefined. However, in a business website, the audience profile is defined, and audience quality is way better. Thus, it can help you achieve quality referral traffic and better SEO results.

The best way to analyze a domain’s backlink profile quality is to get its linked domain and referring domains ratio. I believe that; Referring Domain : Linked Domain ratio of 2:3 at max can work best.


I will love to know in response if there is anything that you have noticed about SEO or want to help me in broadening these points.



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Vibhu Dhariwal

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